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Be Free from your Timeshare


Be Free from your Timeshare

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Delamere Financial is a division of Delamere-Pennine Associates that have been an established company for over 45 years. We have been helping individuals in their personal goals and also Timeshare cancellations in order to respond to industry transitions and stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your Timeshare cancellation a 100% success and our priority.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

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Delamere Financial's ideology ensures your Timeshare exit needs are important to each member of our organization. Our research is devoted to keeping us on the leading edge so as to make sure that we offer the foremost Timeshare cancellation program available. Delamere Financial solutions!

Timeshare Exit Strategy

Owing to our organizations international network we are able to provided our service to timeshare owners who wish to cancel their Timeshare in most countries of the world. We work with resorts based in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and the Caribbean. Canadian and non-U.S. residents who have a timeshare resort located in the USA are also eligible for the Timeshare  cancellation program. We also handle all timeshares located in foreign countries that are owned by U.S. residents.

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We provide professional, loyal and dedicated services in the Timeshare industry. The best interests of our clients always come first and we place your concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction.

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