Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our newer competitors try to answer your questions regarding as to what is involved with your efforts to cancel and exit your timeshare property and contract.  Many companies make wild claims as to what they can do and make ludicrous promises to lure you into signing up with their company in order to handle your cancellation contract simply to secure your business. And remember also that some of these companies are nothing more than scam artists and ‘fly by night’ operators. So let’s cut to the chase and get to the point without wasting your time and answer a few of the major questions that we have received from our clients.

What exactly is covered in a timeshare cancellation and exit contract with your firm?

Delamere Financial and our associate attorneys will proceed to cancel and rescind all your legal, financial commitments and obligations that are connected to your original purchase of your timeshare.  This will include cancelling any mortgage or other financial commitments, such as timeshare loans you might have tied up with your property. Also we arrange for the cancellation of your maintenance levies and any other assessment fees that you might still owe the timeshare resort management company. But please be aware that once the contract is enforced and executed you will lose all rights and ownership of your timeshare unit.

What are your fees for handling the cancellation of my timeshare property?

Our firm is totally open and honest, with no BS and we will calculate your fee based on your specific resort, which varies from resort to resort and country to country.  This will vary as each situation is different.

Will I get my money refunded from the resort owners, the amount that I originally paid for my timeshare?

Our firm is always very open when asked this question.  It is highly unlikely unless there is some gross misrepresentation that took place during your timeshare presentation that is illegal or deceptive, our associate attorneys will check your contract and inform you if any action can be taken to proceed with a court order to demand a full refund, while stopping your annual maintenance.  The primary objective of our firm is to help you to exit and get out of your contract without any major expenses, as your goal should be to cease having to pay the yearly management fee and stop losing money year after year on what has turned out to be a bad investment.

Do I have to pay any upfront fee to your firm in order to receive guidance and advice on exiting my timeshare property?

Definitely not! When you call or contact our timeshare cancellation experts you will have a straightforward discussion of what is involved without any commitment or obligation. You are also free to ask any question that is of concern to you regarding what the next step will be to finally get rid of your timeshare contract once and for all time.